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My name is Manavar Singh Rawat, I was born on June 30, 1991, in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, India. My mother’s name is Mrs. Radhika Rawat and my father’s name is Mr. Madan Singh Rawat. In childhood, I was disabled by in both legs from crutches. I know a lot of work, I work mostly in a wheelchair, my parents got me a lot of treatment but I could not get it right, due to a long time in the treatment, my education could start very late, due to the efforts of my parents today I have been able to do something, in 2007, my father died and all the responsibility of the house fell on my mother, since then only my mother takes care of me, my mother bears all my expenses, I am a wheelchair user, due to this problem I am out. I know that I am studying now and have to go for higher education, which will cost a lot, so I was looking for work so that I can work along with my studies, but I did not get work anywhere. If I get, I can depend on myself, I can take some responsibility for the house, then I can on Google Searched about working from home, I came to know about this only in the search
Amazon Affiliate Program:- I came to know about the Amazon program during a Google search, then I searched more on it and got more information, then I thought that this work can be done from home by making my website which can be better for me Then it came to mind that I do not know how to make a website, then how will I do this work, then I kept thinking about how the website will be made, then thought that from where I got this information, I will search and see that maybe some work can be done and then took some information. After watching some videos, I jumped and started my own e-commerce website. My website is This website took some time to build, I thank Amazon company for making this program, because of which I was able to build my earning e-commerce website
It was very difficult for me to create this website, I never thought that I would ever have my own e-commerce website, for this I thank Amazon again and at the same time thank all those who have encouraged me

The main information about Manavar Online Store is

  • Amazon product images uploaded to Manavar online store
  • Have copied the link to Amazon’s product
  • Product description attached with image and link from Amazon
  • Home and delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Replace Product Guarantee
  • Money back policy
Each product is selected and uploaded to my website is a commission base website, if the purchase is done from this, you will get a commission on the sale of the product, you go to, select the product then click on buy now Do it then the window will open, there is a lot more product there, you will also get the complete details of the product, select the product and place the order.